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Chez l'Boulanger Catering

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since 2011
In March of 2011, a young company full of energy

In March of 2011, a young company full of enthusiasm and energy came to life. This company is located at 1370 Laurier Street in the East end of Rockland, and has been founded by Julie Charbonneau and Sebastien Genest, who have more than 17 years of experience in the culinary field of specialization. The journey commenced with the opening of a bakery, offering lunches and a variety of arranged desserts. The idea of expanding our business further came with the several request of catering events. Therefore, we have turned the table, now focusing on catering services, providing exceptional quality of food and service, meeting a flexible and responsible range of budget requirements. The art of food has become our speciality and we are privileged and pleased to help incorporate our arrangements of food into your events. Our goal is to make your dining experience one to remember.


As a company, we have also been committed to a healthy preparation of food. We take pride in preparing items made from scratch, with healthy ingredients. We try to incorporate as much local and Canadian products as possible to ensure fresh food. Our passion is food, and making your event a success is our goal. Our catering department puts as much care and attention in preparing every meal. There is not one event that is more important than another. 


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